Friday, August 04, 2006


Easy Container Home Modeling

Look into Larrry G Scale Online. He has some great scale model stuff on eBay. You can get some beautiful Scale G shipping containers, about 15" long for a 40' container. Screw foam core! Order some of these babies. At a little over $10, how can you go wrong?

Practice makes perfect....


Adam Henning's CHU - Where the Troops Sleep

Found this on Flickr:
This is a Container Housing Unit. Used in Iraq.

Waiting to get Adam's story, here is his pad.


Keith Dewey - Zigloo Domestique - Victoria, BC

Check this visionary container guy...


container house

Container House
Originally uploaded by Neuköln.

Killer House, looking into details

From Flickr Post:

"looking northwest. industrial designer and lecturer Ross Stevens needed a place to stay during the week while working in the city, and built this. I keenly watched it take shape as more and more steel was delivered to the site. The oxy and acetylene bottles perpetually attached to the back of his J1 bedford truck gradually gave the home its shape. Most recently, another level has been added. "


Video for Huaxicon Container Company - China

Custom Made containers for every use possible.


Container House - He says its a Ripoff, No Way!

Saw this site with a container house design or two. His site says its a shameless ripoff. I think he is just being modest. Good Work!


2005 Container Arts Festival - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Container Kaleidoscope!

From the site:

“The international container art festival of Kaohsiung' are run once every two years. The festival held in this year, marches toward the third. This visit of the theme of the container mainly regards ' the container ' as the artistic creation element, the strong image that integrates a city and a harbour on behalf of Kaohsiung. It very much has a characteristic activity of marine city. The purpose of ' the international container art festival of Kaohsiung ‘ is to mold ' the urban art and culture style ', moreover, to drive the whole promotional and marketing activity for “City Tour” and convert it to an important international cultural activity of south Taiwan. The creation theme of ' the international container art festival of Kaohsiung ', for this year’s event, is “children’s field project on international container art “, and it takes place at the best playground for parents and their children on holidays – vast vacant lot by municipal Art Museum of Kaohsiung, which is full of literature and art relic, therefore differs from those rigid ones held in the past years. With more activities and programs and environmental designs to complement each other, it certainly will be innovative and refreshing. Our company will contemplate our experience in program design, professional planning skill, versatile marketing operation, and abundant innovation together with our passion for Kaohsiung to make the festival the last and the best of cultural affairs bureau programs of this year.

Check out Flickr for More Pictures of this momentus event:


Container Art - "this ain't your momma's graffiti"

Oakland, CA

This isn't the first time you have seen this, graffiti on a container! Nothing shocking there, with more than 777 Square feet of highly visible and free* space to use why not showcase your talent. I have a feeling these containers will actually live longer in the yard than the rusty guys.

*as long as you don't get caught.


Need a container? - On-Site Storage - Everywhere

I am not advocating this company, but I love their product. They provide containers of all shapes and sizes and the have locations all over the country. Great resource for sizes and weights of each available unit.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Keetwonen Habitats, To:Amsterdam From:China

1000 Homes Completed!

Last April 25th the Keetwonen project has won the Funda Award for best executed innovation in construction. At the award ceremony the jury acknowledged Keetwonen to be "bright stars in an otherwise dimly lit market which is acting slow on innovation". In the report produced by the jurors fast construction and the fact that the Keetwonen habitats are ready for habitation on arrival were the main focus. The low construction cost was also mentioned as a big plus.

From: Nilesk Furniture Co., Ltd
Nilesk which was established over 8 years ago has a number of business divisions. We source and manufacture a range of OEM product for our "Western" clients. We have now established a dedicated factory in Panyu, Guangdong Province. This factory is capable of producing container housing units from 40-feet shipping containers. We operate our business completely according to European principles and standards. Therefore, our products are well recognized in the world market. Currently we are manufacturing 1,000 sets of temporary container housing for a Dutch client who is constructing the largest "Temporary Student Home" project, located in southeast of Amsterdam. The units meet the requirements of the Netherlands' building regulations. Each unit consists of a sleeping area, a bathroom, and a living and study area with a kitchenette. Our container housing can be applied to many fields, such as holiday housing, building sites, budget hotels, caravan parks, emergency relief units and affordable housing. We sincerely welcome customers who are either working on, or designing such projects. We can supply qualified container housing.

Th Chinese manufacturer


FREITAG'S New Flagship *More Containers

Good Morning Zurich!

Window Glazing


Final Building!

Built entirely out of shipping containers, this is the new shop for Freitag. Freitag makes bags and satchels, among other items, from recycled highway billboards. Impressive and way ahead of its time. I really love the post apocolyptic look. Check out Freitag's Flikr site to see all of their pictures (Flikr site)

Monday, July 17, 2006


The Nomadic Museum - Santa Monica, CA

The Nomadic Museum is the name given to a temporary structure composed of 156 shipping containers, housing the "Ashes and Snow" photography exhibit of Gregory. The structure was built on Pier 54 in NYC to house the exhibit in 2005, then was dismantled, moved to, and reassembled in Santa Monica, CA in early 2006.
The structure, an example of the unusual field of Shipping Container Architecture, was designed by architect Shigeru Ban, and the exhibition is supported by the philanthropic arm of Rolex. The exhibitors claim the structure will be dismantled and shipped to additional locations after the Santa Monica exhibition closes in May 2006. for more

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


LOT-EK shipping container/moving library - NYC

Innovative work by NYC design firm; a series of modifiable shipping containers are inset on casters in the floor to create moveable exhibits & office spaces.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Off Grid Utility Container - Ontario, Canada

Check this out an all purpose mechanical building for your container home. Why would you have an incolet incinerator toilet, when you could have your own sewer system run by the sun, hell yeah.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Global Peace Containers

Using containers for schools. Follow the link

From the website:

"Retired" shipping containers are readily available worldwide. Shipping companies seek ways to dispose of the "retired" containers.Containers are inexpensive as the basic "building block" for a variety of facilities and housing. Containers can be transported by ship, train or truck.
Because infrastructure already exists in mostcountries, containers are readily useable for disaster relief or economic development. Containers are designed to withstand incredible stresses in shipping and therefore are resistant to such forces as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Containers are watertight.
Containers are stronger than an average, conventionally built residence.Containers can be used as either permanent or temporary structures.Containers can be set up quickly for immediate shelter following natural or manmade disasters.
When the crisis is over, containers can be moved quickly to another crisis site or kept in place as the foundation to more permanent facilities.
Containers can take on a variety of appearances by adding brick, stone or wood façade.Container buildings can "expand" by adding more containers beyond and above the original structures.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Wes Jones 'Techno Architect'

Wes Jones is a container architect as well. Well not only containers, but wow so much more, this guys got chops...His group has a killer website, you have to see it to believe it. Check out the Pro/CON section of the site. Also take the 'Taste Test'.

Wes' creds

Monday, December 26, 2005


SaunaBox 'The 8 Square Foot Container Sauna'

This is a great website. Saunabox is just a teaser to showcase this collectives abilities.

From MocoLoco:
The Sauna Box is "dialectical investigation of the common shipping container and traditional sauna.". If you live in the Canadian outback you understand, either way, it looks pretty good. From Castor Canadensis, "a collective of craftsmen and artists with eclectic backgrounds – Kelvin Goddard (designer, metal smith), Brian Richer (stonecarver), and Ryan Taylor (photographer, designer). The Sauna Box is water tight and can be transported to any location, needs minimum site preparation, has a wood fired stove and is electrically powered by solar panels. Each Box is site specific and custom built. The outer skin is constructed of corten steel, a material that withstands saltwater and used as sculptural material. This utilitarian, sculptural aesthetic is continued on the inside with hand made objects such as carved stone stools, stone sink, custom wood and metal work.". You can contact Brian Richer at +1 416 994 1232.

Friday, December 16, 2005


LOT-EK MDU (mobile dwelling unit)

Lot/Ek (pronounced "low tech") a New York City-based design collaboration headed by Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano juxtaposes artifice, salvage, and habitable space into formal constructs. These constructs always include the appropriation of common ready-made objects that are reinvigorated with new life through spatial formulations and transformations of use. Projects vary in size and type, from the recombination of two TV sets into a freestanding lamp to the splitting and positioning of an oil tank truck container in a New York City loft. The work of Lot/Ek is a critical dialogue between artifacts of consumer culture and the possibilities of their context and use. Tolla and Lignano were both born and raised in Naples, Italy, in 1964 and 1963. They studied architecture at University of Naples School of Architecture, both earning a Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Design in 1989. They continued their studies aboard at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, where both received research fellowships for post-graduate study in 1990. In 1992, they established Lot/Ek in New York.From its inception Lot/Ek engaged a design discourse through the collage and montage of urban artifacts that are recontextualized with new functional and programmatic interventions. These interventions reflect a tension that exists in a world approaching globalization. Over the next few years their work gained notary in several gallery and art exhibitions, with projects that expressed an interest in rehabitation of inert objects of modern industrial cultural. In the construction of the TV-Lite for the Henry Urbach Architecture Gallery in New York, Lok/Ek inverts two common TVs, and shucks them of their plastic husks revealing the interior mechanism. Metal rods and plastic shipping containers support the inverted TVs to face each other. The freestanding lamp creates a tension between redefine objects and their new function as a light source.Lot/Ek's reanimation of banal objects is further coalesced in the studio's use of industrial container systems. At the Morton Loft in New York's West Village, Lot/Ek slices a petroleum tank at its midpoint and position one half vertically and the other horizontally, creating two programmatic nodes. The horizontal section is converted into two sleeping containers. Hydraulic hatches installed along both its flanks for entry on one side, light and ventilation on the other. The vertical section is divided into stacked bathrooms for each floor. The horizontal section floats above at the second floor level and is interconnected to the vertical via a mezzanine. Lot/Ek's juxtaposition of the tank refines its functionality, turning the storage container into a dynamic spatial configuration.Lot/Ek's recently completed exhibition space for the Bohen Foundation in New York is another of a unique approach to program and space through bricolage. The 15,000 square foot exhibition space is formulated through the dispersal of eight moveable shipping containers that ride on channels embedded in the concrete floor. Each red container houses a programmatic function, such as offices and a video lounge, and can be reconfigured in combination with moveable white walls that hang from ceiling tracks.Tolla and Lignano teach architecture graduate studios at Parsons School of Design. Their proposal for the New World Trade Center was exhibited at the Venice Biennale. Currently they are completing a prototype version of their Mobile Dwelling Unit, a nomadic shipping container dwelling, for a traveling exhibition starting June at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, as well as the multimedia design office for WDDG in New York.

LOT-EK rules!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Adam Kalkin - Pioneer and Person of Interest

Adam poses multiple times in his own home: 'Bunny Lane'

'Quik House' around

I discovered Adam's work recently. He is a true pioneer architect with containers. Some of his work is really great, some of it is unusual to say the least, if you choose to look, you'll find it. Yeah...there it is.. God Bless you Adam!

Adam does 'doglifting'
Adam Lectures
Containing Adam, great article

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Graeme Addis - He Likes Containers Too!

This 'Kiwi' is into containers, if you want a container house this man has the concept for you.

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